Backplane Base 4 Pack – 59ml (2oz)

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2Oz Backplane base Pack of 4 (59ml each) is highly conductive and low resistance material that allows the current to pass smoothly. A great pick for your small LumiLor projects in large quantity.


Lumilor Backplane is a solvent based and completely sprayable conductive paint used as the first layer in the LumiLor system. Backplane is pre-mixed and ready to spray so there is no need to hassle about it.

  • Required Equipment for Backplane Application (Not Included with the product)
  • HVLP system with 1.3mm nozzle and PSI of 20 – 25
  • Disposable cup system
  • ¼ inch to ½ inch masking tape
  • Filter – 120 mesh or 125 micron
  • Glass or plastic stir sticks (DO NOT use wooden or metal stir sticks)
  • Properly prepared and masked substrate
  • Multimeter

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  1. d_devils

    Best Product ever !

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