Lumilor Starter Kit Accessory Package


Substrates, inverters, and accessories that when combined with a LumiLor Bundle provide the end user with a LumiLor Starter Kit which matches the online video training.

A 4oz LumiLor Starter Kit contains enough LumiLor to complete the projects included in the starter kit without having any remaining LumiLor.

An 8oz LumiLor Starter Kit will provide additional LumiLor that can be used on projects.

Kit Include
(1) 8 inch x 10 inch panel (to be painted)
(1) 3D LumiLor Shape (to be painted)
(1) 1 foot strip of copper tape
(2) Male connectors
(2) Male connectors with spade attachments
(2) 18V inverter attachments
(2) Small inverters
(1) Package of J-B KwikWeld

Check out the video below to know more about Lumilor Training :
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