Conductive Top Coat Layer 4 Pack – 59ml (2oz)


2Oz Conductive Top Coat Pack of 4 (59ml each) formula is all you need to encapsulate your Lumilor design and bring it to complete perfection. Buy this for your Lumilor designs.


Conductive Top Coat is a water based, sprayable and translucent conductive paint with a slight blue tint that is used to cover the LumiColor and provide illumination. Conductive Top Coat is pre-mixed and ready to spray.

  • Required Equipment for Conductive Top Coat Application (Not Included with the product)
  • HVLP system with 1.3mm nozzle and PSI 20 – 25
  • Disposable cup system
  • Masking tape
  • Filter – 120 mesh or 125 micron
  • Properly prepared and masked substrate


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