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Create an ultra-tranquil and serene environment in your home or office space with LumiLor Buddha Wall Decoration Frame. This masterpiece is going to give you and the ones around you immense positivity and energy to carry out your business with ease. Available in Aqua color, this Buddha Painting is sized at 31 inches x 19 inches.


Crafted to amaze Lumilor helmets are unique in design and class that meets a rider’s fantasy. Ride in a fresh style and take a distinct new journey in the light that takes you beyond.

This helmet features a fantastic design made from our unique electroluminescent paint technology. The designs made from Lumilor are completely all-weather and water-resistant.

Comfortable and lightweight, this is the mate riders love to tag along with. Packed with the power of Atom EL inverter this helmet only requires you to charge it, turn it on and dazzle the crowd every time you take your ride for a spin.

It’s Lumilor, it’s exclusive and it’s your new riding statement. Wear the light!