LumiLor is Ringing in the New Year

The LumiLor Team has several incredible announcements planned for you in 2018 and we’re starting off with some of the most exciting ones.

# Did you know that we’ve spent over $3 million in research and development to ensure LumiLor is an effective, durable, and high quality electroluminescent paint? Recent advancements have allowed us to improve our technology while making LumiLor more cost effective for you to invest in LumiLor for your business or project.

# New Formulation – Introducing LumiLor 3.1.1 which includes a brand new Conductive Top Coat. This is the fourth and final layer of the LumiLor system. It is both conductive and translucent which allows for it to complete the LumiLor circuit and also allows for the electroluminescent light to pass through it.

# New Size Bundles – The new formulation has also allowed us to ship LumiLor in smaller containers. Effective immediately LumiLor is available in 4oz (118 ml) LumiLor Bundles. A LumiLor Bundle contains all four components of the LumiLor system: Backplane, Dielectric, LumiColor, and Conductive Top Coat.

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