LumiLor and the Story of Paramagnetic Color Changing Paint

LumiLor electroluminescent paint can change the appearance of paint but it is fundamentally different than paramagnetic paint in two important ways.

First, it is not color changing paint, it’s a light emitting coating (LEC) which, you guessed it, is paint that emits light. A simple way to think of LumiLor is that it allows anything you paint to be turned into a light bulb.

# Electroluminescence simply means that it produces light with electricity. Whatever is painted with LumiLor can function the same way as a light bulb. You can turn it on and off.  You can strobe it.  You can even make it dance to music.  Anything you can do with a light bulb you can do with LumiLor. Light produced by LumiLor will change the appearance of an object when the LumiLor is turned on. And that’s where the fun begins.  Artists across the world are creating incredible work by including LumiLor with their airbrushing, hydrodipping, and other top coating techniques.

# Manufacturers have realized the strategic benefits of being able to include light directly on their products in ways never before imaginable because of the flexibility of applying light with paint.

# The second way LumiLor is different from color changing paint is that LumiLor is real.

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